Waslu iz-Zeppoli

Zeppoli is a Seasonal sweet associated with the feast of St. Joseph on 19th March. The name is derived from the Name ‘Giuseppe’ in Italian translating into Joseph. In Maltese, we tend to nickname all Joseph’s ‘Zeppi’. The Sweet became popular in the 19th Century by a Napolitan Baker. They are most famous in Italy and Malta.

Our Zeppoli are unique in their own way as they are filled with our top quality sheep’s milk. All Zeppoli are hand made on location to ensure the best quality and taste.

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A Little Bit About Us

Tal-Karmnu farm, is an old farm building dating back to the 17th Century which has been used for centuries as an Animal farm. Back in 1950’s it was used by Paul Agius & Antonia Agius, Nee Caruana where they raised their family and also where they run their day to day farming work.

Carmelo Agius took over the Agricultural setup from his father Paolo, and continued to take care of the farming. The farm is now being run by Anna and her three sons (Emanuel, Paul and Joseph) and Joseph’s wife Jessica.

We believe in getting the Maltese genuine products back on the market. We believe that there is still a lot of demand for genuine Maltese products and this is what we want to offer to all of the Maltese and visitors to these islands.

As a farm we currently take care of a sheep farm together with land where we grow crops for feeding of the sheep and to produce genuine Maltese products such as, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sun Dried tomatoes, tomato pastes, olives in Oil, this is a small selection of products coming from our fields.

While from the farm we Process all the sheep milk that our sheep produce on a daily basis to produce various finger licking foods such as, Gbejniet, Friski, Nexfin (boyod), Tal-Bzar, Tac-Chili (Hwawar) kannoli, Pastizzi, Qassatat, Ravjul, Gelat Maghmul mill-Halib tan-Naghag, and many other products.

Also good to mention the Sheep Milk soap, made by a local artisan approved and tested in a laboratory in France and can be used by 3+ months Babies and older.


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